Book Review: Why We Walk by Siena’s Stories

Thank you to Rachel for giving me the chance to review Why We Walk by Siena’s Stories


When we walk we see things that we would have missed if we drove. Things like birds, cats, & squirrels. When we walk we have fun spending time together. We talk and learn how walking can help to care for our planet. Join Siena and her dad as they walk to school and discover every little step counts.

This is the second book in the Siena’s Stories series. The first book, The Dance of the Snow Tractors, was named a top book for children in the automobile category by Newsweek magazine.


It was so sweet to read about Siena’s and her daily walks with her dad but also has an important underlying message which I think is also highly important for the next generation to learn about. Myself and both my girls enjoyed reading this book. It is also beautifully illustrated

Purchase here


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