Book Review: Mollie Mack Private Detective by Linda Dobinson @LindaDobinson27 @rararesources

Thank you to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for giving me the chance to review Mollie Mack Private Detective by Linda Dobinson


Mollie is excited!
She has been a private detective for six months, and FINALLY a BIG case has landed on her desk. If she solves it, it will make the papers and make her agency famous. She needs to give it her full attention; BUT, she already has three cases she is working on. And when she gets an unexpected lead for her oldest case, she HAS to run with it.
Could her new BIG case be linked to her oldest case?


I absolutely loved reading this with my daughter’s, it reminded me so much of the Nancy Drew books from my childhood. It’s not a very long book but it really does pack a punch. The characters are fantastic, especially Mollie, she’s definitely someone girls can look up to in this day and age.

Mollie Mack Private Detective was a truly wonderful read. I really hope there will be more Mollie Mack books.

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Authors Bio

I was born in Croydon, England but grew up in Barbados, endless sunshine and never far from the sea – I was spoilt. When I was seventeen we returned to England. The fast pace of London life was exciting, the shops were fantastic, the cold – not so good. I may not have liked the cold but I loved the changing seasons.

I love reading, writing children’s books and poetry, baking cakes, F1, shopping, chocolate, cats and watching far too much TV – not necessarily in that order.

I started writing poetry when I was studying for a BA degree with the Open University. I joined the Open University Poetry Society and it was the positive comments from fellow members that encouraged me to submit to poetry publications. I have had poems in ‘Decanto’, ‘Time Haiku’, ‘Poetic Licence’, ‘Candelabrum’, ‘Krax’ and ‘Poetry Now’ to name a few.

I have written three children’s books ‘Kerry’s Busy Saturday’,’Kerry’s Party Sunday’ and ‘Mollie Mack, Private Detective’.

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