Book Review: Return to Harlech by Ruth Torjussen @RTorjussen @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours

Thank you to Love Books Tours for giving me the chance to review Return to Harlech by Ruth Torjussen


A metaphor for the way out of our current ecological crisis, this slow-burning, thought-provoking and entertaining horror will leave you intrigued and shocked!

Tess and Steve are a dysfunctional couple in a rocky marriage. Despite this Tess yearns for a baby more than a divorce and plans a secret conception during a trip to her husband’s hometown of Harlech. But when they get there Steve has other things on his mind. A panic attack causes him to remember his supposed halcyon days of childhood with horrible clarity. He wasn’t as popular as he thought he was, and strangely, he has no memory of the enthusiastic locals who greet him.

A young girl comes to Tess in her dreams, is this her child trying to warn her? Or the child of the mysterious Anwen who has lent them the cottage? With her hopes for pregnancy fading, she longs for a different future without her domineering husband, but can she survive without him?

And can Steve survive his return to Harlech as the locals seek retribution for the crimes of his past?


After reading the authors previous book, I couldn’t wait to jump into this one. It is very different to Friends and Neighbours but just as enjoyable.

I was gripped throughout, it kept me on my toes with all that was going on and with the twists and turns. I really enjoyed reading Ruth’s latest release of and look forward to seeing what genre they tackle next.


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Authors Bio

Ruth Torjussen grew up in Stoke but now lives and works in Brighton as a Shared Lives Carer.
She is a passionate advocate of eating local food grown through regenerative farming as the answer to climate change. She writes novels and scripts across different genres but always with an eye on what faces us in the next decade.
Follow her on Twitter @RTorjussen,
Instagram @ruth_torjussen
YouTube Torjussen Ruth

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