Book Review: A Cowardice of Crows by S. E. Smith @SymingtonByrd @lovebooksgroup @PublishingShip

Thank you to Love Books Tours for giving me the chance to review A Cowardice of Crows by S.E. Smith


When a House of Commons cufflink, stuffed in the mouth of Millie Jones, turns suicide to murder, Symington, Earl Byrd, the prime minister’s personal detective, soon finds his killer. A ruthless East End pawnbroker not known for carelessness.

Forced to re-evaluate his position following a trip to the Houses of Parliament, Symington is left with more questions than answers.Like, who wants to destroy the pawnbroker and why? Is the cufflink a clue or a red herring? And more importantly why did Millie Jones have to die?


This is a rather chunky book but don’t let that put you off, it is an absolutely wonderful read.

I first became intrigued with Smith’s work during Cardiff Comic Con in 2019 but like many books I have they went on my to buy/to read pile and I really wish I had read her work sooner.

A Cowardice of Crows is a thrilling and entertaining read that throws you into the thick of it straight away, which I think makes it more of an enjoyable read because you never quite know what’s going to happen or where the characters stand. There were also a few humourous moments to, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

It was an absolute pleasure reading A Cowardice of Crows, I’m just disappointed in having put it off for so long. I can’t wait to read the other books in the series.


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S.E. Smith, known as Sarah to her friends, and ‘Miss’ to her students, was born into a naval family and now lives on a 65-foot broad-beam boat with her husband, Steve, and her two rescue dogs – Ben and Eva. Crediting her Nana May for instilling in her a love of history, and an encyclopedic knowledge of the East End of London at the turn of the 20th Century, Sarah took on board the adage ‘write about what you know’ and created Symington Byrd: a gentleman detective whose foray into the East End leads him into all kinds of danger. A great fan of the West Wing, Pokemon Go, and Doctor Who, Sarah’s biggest claim to fame is the day spent with the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, chasing Daleks down The Strand

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