Book Review: The Lost Truth of April Dark by C. Iron @lovebooksgroup #lovebookstours

Thank you to Love Books Tours for giving me the chance to review The Lost Truth of April Dark by C Iron



And a long gone identity.An entertaining and uplifting tale of dark secrets.

As April’s world is shattered by an anomalous disease and her eventual death, April regains consciousness in a mesmerisingly magical world, which is strangely familiar.

The path to discovering the truth, however, demands tremendous courage from April, forcing her to get involved in the bitter conflict between Makrav – an evil occupier of many kingdoms – and the insurgents, among whom April finds unexpected friends.

But as the journey gets more complicated and dangerous, what hunts April most is that it seems her past has more to do with Makrav than with the insurgents…

What April doesn’t know is that she’s running out of time to do what she has come back for, and that the truth is far more complex than anyone would expect..

Will April get ahold of the truth, or will the truth get ahold of April?


I love a mystery book and this was certainly one of the best I’ve read in a while. It is well written and thought out, it keeps you hooked throughout. There is plenty of adventure involved.

I really enjoyed reading The Lost Truth of April Dark and look forward to seeing what else the author has up their sleeve.


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Authors Bio

C.Iron spent her childhood immersed in fantasy and mystery stories. Later on, she graduated in English Philology and continued doing what she likes most – writing. When she is not dealing with her passion, she can be found at the archery range by an enormous lake practising traditional archery. Currently, she teaches adults as she loves spending time with people.

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